The Thought Knot Seers Podcast

“From here, [Thought Knot Seer] looks like a cross between a Nephilim and a Pokemon.”
–Patrick Sullivan and Cedric Philips, Star City Games commentators

Welcome to the Thought Knot Seers podcast!  We are Charles Jang and James McElwain: a couple of regular Spikes based in the fine local game store of Black Moon Games in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley.  Check back every Thursday-ish for updates where we spout off on the local metagame, sweet brews, and the best of beats and the worst of beats.


  • Our archives
  • The blog, where you can find detailed tournament reports and our show notes
  • Our YouTube channel, where we have videos of our attempts to navigate Magic Online
  • Contact us: thoughtknotseers [AT] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter at @TKScast.
  • Our sponsor: Black Moon Games, with locations in Lebanon, NH and Rutland, VT.  If you’re in the area, be sure to pop in for a great gaming space and a one-stop shop for singles, boosters, and boxes.  They have an extensive array of non-Magic-related gaming as well!