The Thought Knot Seers Podcast

“From here, [Thought Knot Seer] looks like a cross between a Nephilim and a Pokemon.”
–Patrick Sullivan and Cedric Philips, Star City Games commentators

Welcome to the Thought Knot Seers podcast!  We are Charles Jang and James McElwain: a couple of regular Spikes based in the fine local game store of Black Moon Games in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley.  Check back every weekend for updates where we spout off on the local metagame, sweet brews, and the best of beats and the worst of beats.


  • The blog, which includes our episode backlog and video archives.
  • Our YouTube channel, where we have videos of our attempts to navigate Magic Online
  • Contact us: thoughtknotseers [AT] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter at @TKScast.
  • Our sponsor: Black Moon Games, with locations in Lebanon, NH and Rutland, VT.  If you’re in the area, be sure to pop in for a great gaming space and a one-stop shop for singles, boosters, and boxes.  They have an extensive array of non-Magic-related gaming as well!